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Thank you for your trust in the Groupe Park Avenue with the purchase of your #VEH_YEAR# #VEH_MAKE# #VEH_MODEL# . On my behalf as President, I want to ensure that you received a level of service that met your highest expectations at Park Avenue Lexus Sainte-Julie.

We encourage you to share your opinion on our multiple social media platforms and contact us to give your thoughts.

By the same token, I would like to inform you that a satisfaction survey from Lexus Canada will be sent shortly to your attention.

Norman John Hébert,
President and chief executive
Did you know that Groupe Park Avenue is very involved in its community? In fact, each year, we donate over $135,000 and more than $50,000 in various sponsorships for health, education, sports and self-improvement. In addition, our employees have been generously involved in Centraide since 2006 by making a donation in their own name. You can see the list of our community involvements by clicking here.

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