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According to our files, it is recommended by the manufacturer of your #VEH_MAKE# #VEH_MODEL# #VEH_YEAR# to proceed to a routine maintenance.

Schedule an appointement via our service center on our web site. It's easy! First click on the link on your left, then select 'Car Service' and 'Schedule an appointment'.

Having trouble? You may also talk to a customer service representative by dialing 514-395-2554.

At Location Park Avenue, our car service integrity and expertise are part of our engagement towards you.

Thank you for your trust,

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(Please ignore the following message if you have already booked your appointement)
Referral Program - Groupe Park Avenue thanks all its ambassador clients by giving a voucher worth $150* in accessories at Location Park Avenue. Do not hesitate to refer us to your friends and colleagues!

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